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Over the years, Selex has built up experience across a number of different commercial channels, and now controls a retail network that encompasses all the most modern distribution formats: hypermarkets, mini-hypermarkets, superstores, supermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores, mini-markets and Cash & Carry outlets. The companies of the Group have achieved a high level of specialization in their respective retail channels thanks to their diligence and success at honing the distribution formats to match the needs and peculiarities of local areas and customers, and thanks also to their constant observation and responsiveness to any winning retail formulas or formats that emerge in Europe or elsewhere.


In 2017, the focus will be on the renewal of a flagship format of the Group: the 2,500 m2 superstore. Among the coming changes, themed areas will be devoted to emerging sectors such as wellbeing & healthy living and pet food, which are attracting increasing interest from consumers, and require an effective commercial response from the retailers. Another important task facing us is to study and explore new retail formulas and formats that respond to the rapidly changing habits of shopping and consumption. Among the innovative formats being tested are the development of a pet food segment and of an organic foods segment, the opening of a low-cost supermarket, and the launch a supermarket offering restaurant and foodservice functions.


T A defining characteristic of Selex Group is that it encompasses several different brand names. Throughout the country, the most familiar names are Famila (supermarkets, superstores and mini-hyper stores), A&O (local neighbourhood supermarkets) and C+C (Cash & Carry), but Selex also trades through numerous other names in retail that are deeply embedded in their regions and are appreciated for their quality and good value. Selex and its companies have protected and increased their patrimony of assets by knowing how to modernize and improve efficiency, quality and the level of service, while still managing to preserve the particular characteristics, values ​​and deep local roots of the stores.