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Selex pours energy and commitment into acts of social responsibility that make it a valued and welcome presence in the communities in which it operates. Over the years, it has supported important charity projects such as: Tour del sorriso ("Tour of Smiles"), which brought some amusement and fun and to hospitalized children, with clowns and entertainment shows; “Aiuta con noi chi non vede e non sente” (“Join us in helping the deaf-blind”), a campaign conducted with the Lega del Filo d'Oro that raised over €400,000 for the Residential Care Home of Lesmo (Milan); and a humanitarian initiative for the Hospital of Bukumbi in Tanzania, to raise funds for the building of a maternity ward and a new operating theatre.
As part of a campaign run between 2009 and 2011 to raise funds for the Hospital of Afagnan in Togo, Selex collected more than €250,000 for the renovation and expansion of the operating theatre and the departments of paediatrics and neonatology.
In 2014, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its foundation, the Group joined forces with the Italian Red Cross to participate in an important national initiative "Metti in tavola la solidarietà" (“Put solidarity on the table", through which over 2 million meals were donated to families in need.



Launched in 2012 and continuing through 2017, Tutti per la Scuola (Everyone for School) is a donation initiative that now benefits more than 1,600 kindergartens and primary schools up and down the country.
Using the loyalty points donated by customers of Selex Group supermarkets, schools select prizes from a special catalogue filled with things useful for their pupils, such as computers, pens and paper. Down the years, the Tutti per la Scuola campaign has been flanked by several other recreational and educational initiatives.
The 2016-17 school year marked the start of a new campaign to encourage kindergarten children to eat and enjoy fruit: "Un arcobaleno a tavola - frutta e verdura da scoprire" (“A rainbow at the table - fruits and vegetables to be discovered"), which is being supported by many of the supermarket chains of the Selex Group. The initiative takes a fun-filled approach designed specifically for children to encourage them to eat fruit and vegetables, and is backed by the educational imprint of the Giunti publishing house.
The most important charity and social campaigns along with initiatives for environmental protection that Selex and its member companies have conducted over the past year are summarized in the Selex Social Report, now in its third year, prepared by the Working Group on Corporate Social Responsibility.