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Selex and its member companies engage in numerous and various activities for the benefit of society. We are committed to and active in assuring energy efficiency, reducing waste, helping those in difficulty and supporting local schools and voluntary associations. Giving substance to its commitment, since 2013 Selex has published an Annual Social Responsibility Report documenting the actions the Group has taken in favour of the environment, citizens and society.
Its social responsibility extends also to relations with suppliers, employees, local communities and families. The Report is produced by the Selex Social Responsibility Committee, which is made up of representatives of the member companies and the parent company and is coordinated by ALTIS, an institute of higher learning that operates under the aegis of Università Cattolica di Milano (Catholic University of Milan).



Selex pours energy and commitment into acts of social responsibility that make it a valued and welcome presence in the communities in which it operates.
To celebrate its 50th birthday in 2014, Selex spearheaded an important national initiative called "Metti in tavola la solidarietà" (“Put solidarity on the table"), through which over 2 million meals were donated to families in need. The Group is always at the forefront of offering timely help in emergencies and disasters. In a demonstration of solidarity with the inhabitants of central Italy hit by an earthquake, in May 2017 Selex organized “A Normal Sunday” in the town of Preci (Perugia), which consisted in providing a lunch for the entire town so that the local people could enjoy a few moments of tranquillity in the midst of the destruction and hardship caused by the disaster.
Apart from once-off national-scale projects, Selex remains committed to carrying out numerous everyday acts that provide tangible benefits and help contain waste. Selex contributes continuously to food banks by setting up collection points in its stores. It also takes part in the “Siticibo” Programme, which seeks to re-use surplus food.