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FFamila, the name under which the Italian supermarkets and superstores of the Selex Group trade, registered 3% growth in 2016 with respect to the previous year.
A similar increase is expected this year as a result of the many openings planned for Italy and the modernization and expansion of existing supermarkets. Thanks to these results, Famila, which has a diffuse presence across the country in its various formats (Supermercati Famila, Famila Superstore and IperFamila), is set to confirm its leadership in its class (in the 1500-4500 mq category) with a national market share of 3.3% of the hyper- and supermarket segment (Source: IRI). With 6,600 employees, Famila boasts 208 outlets with a combined shop floor space of about 400,000 mq).
The key factors of the brand are its specialization in fresh and local produce, all-year-round competitive prices and its ability to secure the loyalty of customers.


A&O is the answer to all your daily grocery needs.

Offering quality fresh produce, a comprehensive selection of other foods and groceries for everyday shopping, as well as a personalized service, A&O is a tradename that has blazed a trail in the Italian system of modern distribution.
Thanks to its capacity for continuous reinvention, A&O has become one of the most dynamic entities in the group. 

The A&O name is on the front of 615 local neighbourhood stores up and down the country, made up of medium-sized and small supermarkets, convenience stores and mini-markets.




With a 17.4% market share, C+C, the national brand name of the Selex Group in the Cash & Carry segment is the top-ranking company in the country for the number of modern wholesale outlets, and the second-largest by revenue. The Cash & Carry network of the Group consists of 81 retail outlets with a combined floor area of about 200,000 mq.
A review of the format led to an extension of the range of products available, aimed in particular at the growing Ho.Re.Ca. industry, and at the foodservice and restaurant sectors, which are undergoing a major transformation.
The success of C+C depends very much on its capacity to cater to different customer types and on the many opportunities it offers for cost savings, as well as on its unstinting focus on price.