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With a view to always and everywhere satisfying customers with a wide assortment of good-value products, Selex puts its sophisticated marketing tools at the disposal of its members, which are thus able to tailor their range of products to what customers are demanding and to keep up with emerging and evolving trends in each segment.
These segments include traditional-local fare, health foods and products, organic produce, and pet food. These segments are among the most dynamic today, but great care is needed to ensure that the range of products is complete, sufficiently varied and, above all, specifically attuned to local tastes and demand. Selex provides its members with a full-spectrum view of the market and offers increasingly sophisticated segment-specific models using which they may continue to deliver a comprehensive range of high-quality and recognizable products to customers.


Selex’s promotional programme for 2018 is designed to enhance customer satisfaction while underscoring the increasing the distinctiveness of its brands and sales outlets. Instead of simply organizing its promotions by product category, Selex has adopted an approach that is shaped by customer needs and lifestyles.
The programme focuses on the segments that are currently most in vogue among customers and involves thematic and targeted promotional activities carried out in collaboration with brand producers.
Numerous themed events are planned for the year. The main target segments are school, breakfast, beauty, health and well-being, beer and pet food, but they will alternate with promotional campaigns that are more properly “seasonal” in nature and involve a carefully selected array of very competitively priced products.
Throughout the year, our most loyal customers will enjoy the benefits of 26 Special Discount Promotions, each lasting either two or four weeks. The Special Discount Promotions are available to all loyalty card holders (who now number almost 6 million), who will be able to make large savings on more than 3,500 products. Hot on the heels of past successes, Selex has lined up some major events for 2018 centred around brands that have a powerful promotional and emotional impact, the aim being to increase the penetration of loyalty cards and to attract new customers.


Selex intends to back up its promotional offers with a far-reaching advertising campaign across various media channels.
The promotion of name-brand products will involve in-Company communication campaigns that focus on the various specialist lines.
Promotional posters and folders are planned for inside the stores along with light-hearted and fun advertisements on the main national radio stations.
Further, coordinated signage and promotional materials have been set up inside and outside the stores to strengthen the association between the stores themselves and the Selex and Vale brands that they sell.


On the e-commerce front, 2017 saw the launch of CosìComodo, an important online shopping portal that brings together all the Group's multiple brands in a single site. Customers can access the portal either through the website of the branded product or directly via the CosìComodo website.
Once customers have finished their shopping online, the order is processed and made available for pick-up at the chosen store. Over the year, the number of Selex-associated supermarket companies offering online shopping from their stores will rise to eight. The number will gradually increase as more stores up and down the country start participating. The aim is to bring all the advantages of e-commerce into every corner of Italy, and offer an increasingly multi-channel service capable of meeting the needs of the modern consumer.
CosìComodo is also a work in progress that, drawing on its experience of interfacing with users online, will soon add new services, especially with regard to deliveries, to meet customer expectations. The development team is already at work one the next phases of the online shopping project, which will include the activation of a home delivery service.