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The Selex Group approaches its marketing activities with a view to learning about its customers and their expectations so that it may quickly fulfil their demands with the right goods and services and build up a special relationship with them. Targeted market research, in-depth analyses of the data from loyalty cards and ad-hoc surveys enable Selex to remain always abreast of the latest developments and to direct its efforts towards specific targets. To improve efficiency and customer satisfaction, Selex works simultaneously on several fronts, from planning promotional campaigns to CRM, and is thus able to market its products and services in a more responsive and sensitive manner that responds precisely to customers’ needs rather than segregating them into categories.


The profound changes taking place in the public’s purchasing and consumption habits, the growing awareness of health and environmental issues, the increasing popularity of simple lifestyles, as well as an increasing openness to experimentation, have all strongly affected the priorities and choices of our customers. For this reason, the classic discipline of category management has been evolving significantly in recent years. This has given rise to a beneficial system that places ever greater emphasis on the consumer rather than the product, with the result that Selex has had to configure its supply, product range and services to its customers’ real needs.


The 2017 promotional plan takes stock of the new reality, is attentive to changes in seasonal demand and focuses on the product segments that are most appreciated by customers. It is designed to ensure that the promotional initiatives in the Group’s retail outlets are well-chosen and specific.
In view of the customer satisfaction at past campaigns, themed promotions will be held over the year involving both branded products and brands distributed under the Selex label. The retail segments designated for these promotional activities are breakfast foods, beauty products, beer, and health and wellness. Special campaigns are also planned for the promotion of early-season produce.
A new edition is planned of AGS (Azioni Grandi Sconti), a highly successful special discount campaign organized in collaboration with brand-name producers that offers loyalty-card holders great opportunities to save on a large selection of products.
The national campaign, which is supported by all the consortium companies, will, as always, be complemented by separate local campaigns conducted individually by the companies.


In 2017, the websites of A&O ( and C+C ( will be completely overhauled to become even more user-friendly and interactive. The A&O site will be filled with more content, tips for shopping, recipes, and announcements of current offers and services for holders of loyalty cards. In general, it will become an even more indispensable resource for shoppers who want to stay organized, informed and always on the look-out for the best value.
The C+C website, which will undergo a renovation of its graphics and content, will become even more useful for its professional visitors, who will be able to pull up pages containing recommendations on various product lines or offering numerous services.
In the area of e-commerce, this year will see the launce of the first "click and pick" pilot stores, which will enable customers to save time by ordering their groceries online and then travelling at their leisure to the outlet to collect them.