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Selex has developed an efficient purchasing model. When dealing with the producers of branded products, Selex operates through ESD Italia. When dealing with and entering into agreements with other suppliers (of branded products, cash and carry merchandise, fresh foods, fruits and vegetables, distributor-labelled goods), it operates directly through its own Head Office. Special attention is reserved for organic produce and subsidiary sectors, and Selex uses only a select group of producers to guarantee security and traceability. The aim is to optimize the distribution process so that consumers are always provided with fresh and good quality produce. Another Head Office responsibility is the coordination of some national promotions, whether aimed at all customers or at loyalty card holders only. These activities are very much appreciated by our clients, and are especially important in terms of volumes, since the clients are able to see how the companies of the Group work in close unison.


The accession of the Selex Group to, ESD (, the centralized purchasing and marketing company, boosts its market competitiveness still further.
ESD ranks number one among Italian purchasing enterprises. Its members are made up of companies that stand out in the national retail landscape for their high quality, and they are all leading distribution groups in their respective markets: Acqua & Sapone, Agora Network, Aspiag Service, Selex Gruppo Commerciale and Sun.
Apart from the soundness of its commercial and financial partners, ESD Italia's main strength lies in its model of single-interlocutor negotiation, supported and agreed on by its partners. This single reference point approach enables it to enter into effective partnerships with industries and thereby ensure even better value for final consumers.
ESD Italia is not only the leading purchasing enterprise in the country, but is also among the longest-lived. Set up in 2001, it celebrated 15 years of market presence in 2016.