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On the purchasing front, Selex operates according to an efficient model that simplifies and streamlines relations between it and its suppliers. When dealing with the producers of branded products, Selex operates through ESD Italia. When dealing and entering into agreements with other suppliers (of branded products, cash and carry merchandise, fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, distributor-labelled goods), it operates directly through its own Head Office at Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milan). Special attention is reserved for organic produce and subsidiary sectors, and Selex uses only a select group of producers to guarantee security and traceability. Another Head Office responsibility is the coordination of some national promotions, whether aimed at all customers or at loyalty card holders only.


The Selex Group’s membership of ESD Italia ( boosts its power to negotiate at a national level, which helps it keep down prices for customers.
ESD Italia is the number one centralized purchasing and marketing company in Italy. In 2017, it controlled 22.2% of the Italian market and produced a turnover of €21 billion (+5% compared with 2016).
Its members, all leading distribution groups in their respective markets, are made up of companies that stand out in the national retail landscape for their high quality, and include names such as Agorà, Aspiag, Gruppo Selex, Sun, and Acqua & Sapone. All told, they number 47 companies representing the best among Italian independent distributors.
The entire network formed by all the member companies of the Selex Group consists of 5,390 retail outlets, some selling directly and others operating as affiliates, that are present up and down the entire country and, together, boast more than 4 million square metres of retail floorage and employ more than 65,000 people.